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Apr 26, 2016

My guest today is the one and only Duncan Trussell.

I sat down with Duncan on his tres fancy bus after the Washington, D.C. stop of his "You Are God" tour.

Some podcasts need explanations. This one does not.

Also, rest in peace, Prince. Godspeed on your sweet and magical journey.

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Shout out to Mikey Kampmann and Johnny Pemberton for being hilarious and Cora Keegan for being a most gracious tour bus host.

Apr 20, 2016

My guest today is holistic center pioneer and all around Dharma good guy, Ralph White.

Ralph was the first program director for the Omega Center up in Rhinebeck NY as well as one of the founding members of The Open Center in NYC.

We discuss a whole bunch of topics in this episode so here are some bullet points to make it easy for you:

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • The rise of holistic centers in the U.S. and beyond
  • Holistic Hustlers
  • The Importance of Discernment
  • Adventure
  • Journeying to Tibet as a Westerner
  • Science of the Spirit
  • Rudolf Steiner

Ralph turned me onto Rudolf Steiner at the end of this episode and for that I'm eternally grateful.

Ralph just wrote a memoir, "The Jeweled Highway: On The Quest for A Life of Meaning" which is fantastic and I finished it in four days so maybe check that out why dontcha? Also, I'm giving away a copy of Ralph's book for this week's Synchronicity book giveaway contest.

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Apr 13, 2016

My guest today is meditation teacher, musician and all around creatrix, Biet Simkin who's based out of NYC.

Biet is a wonderful example of someone who's let her inner life guide her external life (is there really a difference?) which is working out pretty pretty great for her. As you'll hear in the episode Biet is also an incredibly genuine and love-filled person. Coincidentally, my favorite type of person!

Biet is also leading guided sound meditations at Further Future a music and lifestyle festival taking place April 29 through Sunday May 1, 2016 at the Moapa River Indian Reservation near Las Vegas, Nevada. More details inside the episode but Further Future is going to be an amazing time and experience and if I didn't have a baby due right when it was taking place I'd be attending.

Find out more about Further Future here:

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • The blessing of Biet's tragic upbringing
  • Biet's father, Grigori Simkin
  • Overcoming depression and addiction
  • Biet's musical career
  • Changing your mind to change your life
  • Surrendering Suffering
  • Listening to your inner voice
  • Radical Joy
  • Being Sober and Getting High (off your own supply)

Closing song is "Si Do Hymn" from Biet's most recent album, "The Lunar"

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Many thanks to Jordan from Further Future/Robot Heart for linking me and Biet. You rule Jordan!

Apr 6, 2016

My guest today is creative professional extraordinaire, Paul Jarvis.

Paul is founder and launcher of a plethora of online products for creative professionals including Creative Class, Chimp Essentials, Project Prescription, 4 Wordpress Themes and his weekly emails The Sunday Dispatches.

Paul also has his own podcast called, The Freelancer, which you 100% should check out because he drops wisdom bombs like they're going out of style on a regular basis.

Paul currently resides in the woods of Canada, on an island with his wife Lisa and their gang of pet rats. He rocks cheap beer toques and meditation beads (typically at the same time). He also has way more tattoos than you. (I ripped this little about part from his site so that's how I know he has more tattoos than you.)

I stumbled across Paul when a friend of mine recommended I check out his Chimp Essentials MailChimp course which was hands down one of the best courses I've ever taken. The course is on hiatus right now but will be back soon. I'll let you know when it's back because it is great.

Just from taking that course I got the sense that:

a) Paul really knew what he was talking about

b) he genuinely seemed to care about the people he was speaking to

c) he seemed like a really awesome person I'd like to talk with.

So, I hit him up and he responded and we set up a time to chat and this podcast is the fruit of that (very easy to do) labor.

Topics Discussed This Episode

  • Being Honest and Authentics
  • The Value of Introspection
  • The Similarities Between Being a Musician and a Freelancer
  • Business Done Right Being Service
  • The Pitfalls of the Mindset of "Doing Only What You Love"
  • Is Paul Spiritual? What is Spiritual?
  • Creating Things with Purpose
  • Fear and Action Coexisitng
  • Creating Space in Life/Business
  • No Having Expectations
  • Having Clear Intentions and Being Radically Honest
  • The Merits of Veganism

In addition to being a creator par excellence Paul is also a musician and I asked him for a couple of music recommendations. At the time he was enjoying Side Data (a Canadian band) and the Kruder and Dorfmeister Sessions Volume 1 (which is one of my favorite mix compilations of all time).

Paul also recommended Oliver Burkeman's, "The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can't Stand Positive Thinking".

I'm giving away a copy of "The Antidote" for this weeks Synchronicity giveaway. All you need to do to is join the Synchronicity Community and you are automatically entered in the contest.

Find Paul on Twitter and be sure to check out his very excellent website.

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